Terms of Car Rental


  1. Car Booking

You can book a Vehicle by phones (+34) 931 816 863; (+44) 203 808 3903; (+7) 499 301 00 40 or make online reservation on the website www.suncarsgroup.com

  1. Rates

All the rates include collision damage waiver and theft with a franchise, insurance of civil liability to third parties and VAT. Fuel costs are not included in the rates. Franchise is the liquidated damages specified as the total amount of compensation for “SunCars Group Europe” in case of damage or theft of the rented Vehicle. In the beginning of a rental period the security deposit that includes the rental amount and caution money will be held using the Client’s card.
One-day rate allows using the Vehicle during 24-hour period. If you delay in return for more than 30 minutes, you will be additionally charged with the full day rate. The minimum car rental period is 1 day or 24 hours.
If the Client returns a rental car ahead of time specified in the Agreement, “Sun Cars Group Europe” will recalculate the rental price according to current rates.

  1. Payment for the Car Rental Services

We accept only the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club International and JCB. Electron cards are not accepted. The rental price and caution money are charged in the moment when the Client signs the Rental Agreement.
The amount of advance payment is equivalent to 25% of the total rental price.
The rental rate does not include the additional options.
The Client is preliminarily notified about rental cost, various types of insurance and taxes that are defined in the current rate of “SunCars Group” (further General rate). The application of initially agreed rate depends on your plans to return the Vehicle in the place and on the date specified in the Rental Agreement. The rental rates could vary depending on the season and office, therefore the Client is responsible for checking the rental rate that will be applied to the desired Vehicle before the conclusion of the Rental Agreement.

  1. Insurance

A compulsory civil liability insurance of Vehicles’ owners in accordance with the current legislation, a collision damage waiver with a franchise and a health insurance for passengers. Franchise cost depends on the vehicle class and category.
In the event of any incident, this amount will be the maximum financial liability of the Client if only he does not sign a Special Agreement about additional insurance. A measure of liability and the amount of franchise can be reduced till “0”, if Client concludes a Special Agreement about additional margin.
The Client is allowed to use the Vehicle outside Spain under a separate Agreement with “SunCars Group”, and it should be specified in the Rental Agreement.

  1. Liabilities of the Client

In case of any damage or theft, the responsibility of Client is limited by the Franchise where available (except as specifically stated in the Rental Agreement). The returned Vehicle should be clean for easy identification of possible damages.
Client drops the vehicle off only to the “SunCars Group Europe” representative. The Client is fully responsible for the Vehicle during the lease period until the Car and keys are handed to the representative of “SunCars Group Europe”.

  1. Caution money

The security deposit depends on the Vehicle class. The guarantee deposit on a client’s credit card is returned within 10 working days from date, when the Client dropped the Vehicle off and fulfilled all the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The security deposit is set to each Vehicle.
Documents required to pick up a rental Vehicle.

  1. Documents required to pick up a rental Vehicle

The Client will need to provide his voucher in order to pick up the rental car. A valid driving licence and a passport are also required. The driving experience should be at least 2 years.

  1. Age Limitations

Minimum driver age is 25 years old.
A “Young Driver” fee will be applied for each young driver under the age of 25. This additional fee will be included in your invoice when receiving the Vehicle.

  1. Additional Driver

Driver’s licence and passport details of the additional driver must be added to the Agreement. Service fee: 15 EUR per day.

  1. Fuel

In case when the Client returns the vehicle with less fuel than it is specified in the rental agreement, there will be an extra charge for refueling (2.00 EUR per each litre of fuel shortage). The client is fully responsible for the Car damage, resulting from the usage of poor quality fuel or fuel of other standard.

  1. Pick up Policy

If the Client picks up the Vehicle outside the normal opening hours, he will be additionally charged in the amount of 20 EUR.

  1. Cancellation Policy for reservations with online prepayment:

The Renter has the right to cancel the reservation on the following conditions:

If it was not later than 72 hours before the start of the rental period specified in the voucher, the Renter cancel his booking and the amount of pre-payment wil lbe refound to the Renter.

If the booking was cancelled in a period less than 72 hours, but more than 48 hours before the commencement of the lease to the Renter is returned 75% of the prepaid amount.

If the Renter wishes to move the date of receipt of the vehicle relative to the previously specified date in the voucher, he must notify the Lessor not later than 48 hours prior to the date of issue of the original voucher. The period can not be moved more than one day. The Lessor undertakes to do everything possible for the convenience of the customer and move the date of receipt of the vehicle, if possible. The Lessor has the right to refuse to change the term of the issuance of the car if he is to have their own good reasons.

If the Renter wants to change the place of receipt, the time of receipt or the place or time of delivery of delivery of the leased vehicle, he can do so no later than 72 hours before the time specified in the voucher early as the beginning of the lease.
“SunCars Group” reserves the right not to provide the Vehicle in the event of reasonable doubt in financial soundness of the Client, or in cases of any non-payments or serious problems in the relationship with “SunCars Group”, or in cases when a driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of pick up.

  1. Agreement Duration

The price of the Vehicle rental is calculated on the basic of 24-hour periods that start right after the picking the Vehicle up by the Client and finish after “SunCars Group” receives the Vehicle with keys and registration documents.
A maximum length of rental period will be 89 days.
If Client decides to terminate the Agreement before the expiry of its term, no refunds will be issued and the full amount of rental days, including the days when the Client does not use the Vehicle, as well as taxes will be retained as compensation.

  1. Renewal of Agreement

The Client undertakes to return the Vehicle at time specified in Rental Agreement.
If the Client wants to increase the duration of the existing Rental Agreement, he has to visit the nearest office of “SunCars Group” in order to sign the relevant documents. The Agreement cannot be prolonged by phone or by email, except where it’s mentioned on the 1st page of the Agreement.
In no case, the caution money deposit cannot be considered as a payment for the renewal of the Agreement. So, the Client will be additionally charged for the specified renewal.
If the Agreement cannot be renewed because of the lack of available vehicles or any other reason, the Client has to return the Vehicle following the agreed date, time and office.

  1. Return Policy

Regardless of the drop off system that was selected, the Client must return the Vehicle in the same condition as it was rented, with all registration documents, car tyres, tools and accessories, in the place and on the date specified in the Rental Agreement.
The Client is prohibited to perform any kind of maintenance of leased Vehicle, to change any specifications of the Vehicle, its keys, equipment, tools and/or accessories, to make any other modifications in its outside appearance and/or inside view. In the event of non-compliance of this clause, the Client has to cover all the costs required to return the Vehicle to its original condition. This does not exclude Rental company’s losses and damages caused by the Vehicle downtime during the recovery process, as well as any other losses and damages caused to “SunCars Group”.

  1. Obligations of the Client in the event of a car accident and in any other circumstances

  • In the case of an accident, theft, damage or destruction of the car the customer should immediately call the police to the place of the accident, take part in filling in the necessary documents and immediately inform to the Company about the accident. Otherwise, all losses of the Company may be recovered from the customer.


  • In case of breakdown of the car or appearing of some signals on the dashboard of the vehicle which indicate about a disrepair of the car or other unforeseen circumstances, the customer should immediately notify the Company. Depending on the situation, its causes and other circumstances, the Company make a decision on a future possibility of using the car, its withdrawal, replacement or refund of the paid amount for unused period.
  1. Illegal use


The Client is obliged to exercise due care and caution in accordance with the Vehicle specifications, obey traffic regulations and avoid any kind of situations that could cause a damage to the Vehicle or to third parties.
The Client is also obliged to forbid any unauthorized third party to drive this Vehicle. If appropriate, the Client is directly responsible for any car damage or loss, caused by any third party.
In the event of any non-observance of stated terms, it will be considered as illegal use.
The Client is fully responsible for any damage to internal & outer parts of the Car caused by illegal usage of the Vehicle. In this case, the Client is obliged to cover total expenses in accordance with clause # 6 of the Agreement.
In the event of bill enforcement through the courts, the Client must pay all costs, arising from the relevant legal proceedings, trial attorneys services and court costs, even if personal participation of the Client in the trial is not required from the procedural point of view.

Illegal using includes the following cases, but is not limited to:

  1. a) To trail any other Vehicles.
    b) To drive the Vehicle within areas not suitable for public transport (ex., beaches, racing tracks, forest tracks, country roads, etc.)
    c) To drive the Vehicle on non-asphalt roads or asphalt roads with major defects that can cause any damage of Vehicle underside.
    d) To drive the Vehicle within security restricted areas, including takeoff strip and other roads reserved for aviation and/or for military purposes.
    e) To ignore LED or alarm indicators on the dashboard of rented Vehicle. Wherein, signing the current Agreement, the Client declares that he has read them.
    f) To use the Vehicle for transportation of pets/animals or items (especially, flammable substances), that can be considered as dangerous and/or malicious for the Vehicle, driver and passengers.
    g) To use the Vehicle for commercial transportation of people and/or assets.
    h) To sublease the Vehicle.
    i) To use the Vehicle for any illegal purposes.
    j) To use the Vehicle for transportation of passengers or luggage more than allowed for this Vehicle.
    k) Implementation of any manipulations with odometer. In case of any failures, the Client should immediately inform “SunCars Group”.
    l) To use the top of the Vehicle for transportation of luggage or any other elements, even with suitable equipment.
    n) To leave any items of value in the Vehicle that can be stolen as it’ll lead to the Vehicle damage.
    o) To make the Vehicle’s interior more dirty than a rational and careful use can imply.
    p) To drive the Vehicle while the Driver is tired, sick, or under the influence of alcohol, medicaments or drugs.
    q) To drive the Vehicle without complying with caution.
    r) To use the Vehicle for develop driver’s skills and/or any other skills.
    s) To drive the Vehicle with traffic violations.
    The customer is directly responsible for the validity of his driving licence.
    Under no circumstances, “SunCars Group” assumes no responsibility for non-compliance of aforesaid liabilities by the Client.
  2. Joint and several liability

All Clients and/or additional authorized drivers are jointly liable for all Client’s obligations arising from the Rental Agreement and applicable laws.