New Porsche Sahara

New Porsche Sahara

Today, almost all automakers have in its line sports crossovers, such as: BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Bently, to which responded German automaker Porsche. German auto giant plans to release two models of sport crossovers in the coming years.

Porsche is going to produce Porsche Car Dakar at the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019. Technical characteristics of the car is not yet known, it is known only that it will be a three-door crossover and will be very similar to the 911 model, which is very popular both in sales and in the car rental market. After all, each of us would refuse to rent a Porsche 911, for instance on the Mediterranean coast.

What sways the new crossover from the Porsche, there are rumors that it will get a hybrid engine.

In addition, the Porsche company plans to release an SUV, called Porsche Sahara, which will resemble a Porsche Macan and have five doors. Most likely the car will get a V8 engine, and it is rumored that it will be even faster Bently Bentayga, who showed real class in the Nyumburgrige.

As for the current Porsche car company, they are perfect for any driver, of course, depending on the model.

Also, these German cars are very popular in the sector of rental of luxury cars, because Porsche has been and will always be a luxury car. In this, if you have the desire to experience almost any your Porsche, you can do it on site, reserving his dream.

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